The Future Of The Marijuana Industry And Marijuana Dispensaries

Over the last few years, marijuana use, whether recreational or medicinal, has been legalized in a number of sates in the US. This has led to the emergence of a huge consumer market that is being supplied by marijuana dispensaries. On top of this, the industry is heavily evolving but still must rely on cash transactions as they are not federally permitted to use the banking system. Greenstar ATM supplies some of the machines to various dispensaries across the country to help fill this need for cash.

The legal marijuana universe is just in its infancy; however, as time passes we are bound to see the industry grow to maturity with some noticeable changes. Read on to find out some of the changes we can expect in the ever growing world of marijuana.

More Research

The legalization of marijuana in several states has seen the number of studies into the effects of marijuana use skyrocket. Medical marijuana is now seen as a type of medication that can be used to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. This has paved the way for extensive research into the plant and its products. Each new day, new research studies are being launched to find out the effects of the active ingredients in marijuana on the human body.

Special Editions

Growers now have the space and freedom to experiment with different marijuana strains and come up with new ones. Just like it is for micro-breweries, we are going to see growers offer high quality limited edition strains to their most discerning customers.

Similarly, we are going to see more celebrity strains on the market, in the days ahead, designed to spark interest and satisfy the needs and preferences of the most discerning customers.


Vaping has taken over the tobacco cigarette smoking scene; and as we draw into the future, we can expect more marijuana users to follow suit as well. Highly effective vaping devices used to vaporize marijuana induced liquids or dried flowers are being introduced in all price points. These devices make enjoying marijuana cheaper and healthier as well.


As marijuana use is legalized, more and more strains are being availed to dispensaries. Dispensaries usually use eye catching displays to show their clients what is available. As the variety of available strains increases, the displays will definitely have to change. Eventually there may not be enough space to display all available strains.

In some quarters it is believed that marijuana dispensaries will be replaced by stores that sell a variety of products, as opposed to carrying marijuana only. This mirror the path taken by liquor stores which now sell a variety of products, in addition to liquor.

Although no one can predict the future, the above trends are expected to materialize as far as the marijuana industry is concerned.